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My Works

Partial Publications List
Ann Rowe Seaman

"Head of the Class," World Trade magazine, October/November 1990, p. 103.

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"'Out of Africa Offers Bittersweet Epic Tale of Sorrow and Triumph" Hill Country News,
January 2, 1986.

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"'Private Function' Supplies Plenty of Food for Thought," Hill Country News, May 9, 1985.

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"Un Chien Andalou," CinemaTexas Program Notes, Vol., No., and date not available.

"The Red Desert," CinemaTexas Program Notes, Vol., No., and date not available.

"Los Oaxaqueños," 30-minute documentary film, produced by Texas Tech University, Department of Anthropology, Spring 1975.

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"'Kung Fu' Exemplifies Severe Lack of Realism," Daily Texan, February 26, 1974. "Bicentennial Videos," eight television public service announcements, produced by the Bicentennial Commission of Texas.

"Dos Centavos Americanos," documentary film, produced by Dolores Catholic Church and Austin Community Television, Austin, Fall 1973.

"Roll Over, Beethoven -- Here Comes Wayne Cochran," The Rag, April 16, 1973.

"Country-Rock Stirs Social Mix," Daily Texan, December 8, 1972.

"Musical 'Boundaries' Disappearing," Daily Texan , December 7, 1972.


Ann Rowe Seaman 1973-2000

Editor, Berger & Norton Law Corporation, Santa Monica, California, specializing in constitutional issues of land use, including numerous cases before California and U.S. Supreme Courts.

Managing Editor and Editor, TERRA, 52-page color quarterly magazine of the Museum of Natural History of Los Angeles County. See awards below.

Editor/Writer, University Publications, University of Southern California.

Staff writer, World Trade magazine. World business issues and trends; freelance writer.

Research assistant, Hungarian Immigrants to Texas (University of Texas Press, 1989).

Assistant editor, The Useful Wild Plants of Texas, 10-volume botanic encyclopedia (University of Texas Press).

Columnist, Hill Country News, Greater Austin, Texas. Reviews of first-run films.

Coordinating editor, Journey to the North, an ethnohistorical analysis of a Chinese folk novel (University of California Press, 1988).

Public Relations Director, Austin-Travis County Mental Health/Mental Retardation Agency. See awards below.

Manager/co-owner, Far Eastern Audio Visuals. Production and distribution of 16 ethnographic films on East Asia and two on Mexico.

Writer, CinemaTexas, University of Texas at Austin. Juried articles on genre films. 1975-76.

Partner, Morey, Sterzing and Walker, Inc., investment group, Austin. Development of university-area properties. Member Board of Directors, 1977.

Columnist, The Daily Texan, newspaper, University of Texas at Austin. Music articles and television criticism.

Producer of documentary films for Texas Tech University, Lubbock, and for Dolores Catholic Church, Austin.

Co-writer, -producer, -director, radio and television public service spots for the American Bicentennial Commission of Texas (aired 1974-76).


Winner, Texas Institute of Letters' Carr P. Collins award for best nonfiction book (Swaggart: the Unauthorized Biography of an American Evangelist).

Winner, Western Publications Association ("Maggie"), Award of Merit, TERRA Summer 1992 issue.

Winner, Western Publications Association ("Maggie"), Award of Merit, TERRA Fall 1992 issue.

Winner, American Association of Museums, Award of Merit, TERRA Winter 1991 issue.

Finalist, Broadcasters' Promotion Association Award, public service (television).

Winner, Broadcasters' Promotion Association International Silver Award, public service (television).

Second, place, National Association of Mental Health Information Officers (NAMHIO), Audiovisuals.