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About the Author

ANN ROWE SEAMAN is a native of Austin, Texas and a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and of the University of Southern California. She divides her time between Austin and Los Angeles.


She began publishing in 1973 on a wide variety of topics, starting with the popular music scene in her home town. After writing articles and columns on music, film and television, natural history, international business, anthropology, and other subjects, and authoring TV and film narrations, she began serving as editor of TERRA, the magazine of Los Angeles County's Natural History Museum.


She then authored two biographies: Swaggart, about the eminent but fallen televangelist who is cousin to music icons Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gilley; and America's Most Hated Woman, the biography of the notorious atheist leader -- and murder victim -- Madalyn Murray O'Hair. Swaggart was winner of the Texas Institute of Letters' Carr P. Collins Award for Best Nonfiction.


Seaman is currently working on a project about Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the physician who went to prison for assisting in over 130 suicides. She was the last person to interview Kevorkian before his death in 2011.